My Favorite Links
Dr Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Gray - Granddaughter Crow.comDr Joy "Granddaughter Crow" Gray - Granddaughter Crow.comNative American Wisdoms & Guidance, Psychic Readings (including the Tarot & Astrology), Soul Retrieval & Healing Sessions, One-on-One Mentoring, Workshops, Webinars and More!
Tracy Urban - Return to SelfTracy Urban - Return to Self2 & 4 legged Shamanic Reiki, Intuitive Card Reader, Energy Healer, Speaker, Teacher.
Gayle Fowler - GEAF Gifts.comGayle Fowler - GEAF Gifts.comCertified Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Reiki practitioner, Medical Intuitive and Empath.
Anthony & Tammy Chino - Collective FrequencyAnthony & Tammy Chino - Collective FrequencyA VISION OF A COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, ​ALL ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH. This is a vision of a collective consciousness, all on the same wave length. We are a movement of breaking down the judgement and the illusion of SEPARATION. We are all on the same quest of spreading love, and light. This is a group that has no Gurus or Leaders. We are all on a mission to teach one another what each of us have come to master and to gather as a COMMON-UNITY. We are a rainbow consciousness gathering all leaders here on earth to make the change starting with the young whom are already awake. Come one come all we have no judgement. ​ We Love YOU!