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Featherway: Sacred Journey

Participants in the workshop will be introduced to the magic of feather healing and uses of feathers for protection and setting intentions with feathers. Navajo ILLumination is presenting the latest adventure to the Featherway.

We will cover:

- Ceremonial uses of feathers

- Importance of feathers in Navajo mythology

- Significance of feathers from various species

- Hands-on practice utilizing various techniques

Participants will receive a set of feathers for their use. In addition, a workbook will be provided. 

Featherway II: Advanced Teachings

Featherway II: Advanced Teachings

Featherway II: Advanced Teachings
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Featherway II: Advanced Techniques

Prerequisite to this class is the successful completion of the Featherway class.

In this class you will be able to share your experiences and how things have changed since taking the class. Garrett will provide additional techniques that include;
the double sword technique, extractions through Feather-puncture, cord removal through scooping, and using your swords as a wand and antennae.

Sacred space will be created to allow practice in a safe setting. In addition, an energetic healing chamber will be created to heighten energies and intention ceremony will be performed in the chamber.

Participants will receive second feather to use for double sword technique.

Please bring sword feathers, workbook, and alter cloths. Snacks and plenty of water. Additional guidance will be given by Melissa and Gayle who are certified Featherway teachers

Recognizing & Honoring your Inner Native

Do you love watching: Dances with Wolves or Last of the Mohicans?
Do you own a rattle, drum, walking stick, or feathers?
Do you dream of flying with the Eagles, Hawks, or Ravens?
Do you smudge using Sage, Cedar, Copal, or Palo Santo?
Do you dream of running with the Wolves, Buffalo, Horses, etc?
If you answered YES, to any of the questions above, chances are that you have been Native American in a past life.
Garrett Duncan, Navajo Healing Facilitator will assist you in recognizing your INNER NATIVE. He will tune into your spirit and share with you TRIBAL AFFILIATION and perhaps a NAME and/or give you insight from this time.


This interactive class will bring insight to those willing to offer questions, Attendees will receive healing in addition to sending healing out to needed areas of the world. Participants will enjoy experiencing the unique vibrations of stones that were gifted to Garrett by the Sasquatch people.

Connecting with the Heartbeat of Mother Earth

Drumming meditation to assist in further connection with Mother Earth.

The sound of the drum resonance along with toning the Earth heart beat frequency will assist you in your sense of security and comfort. This meditation will bring you center and grounding.

Establishing your Shamanic Resonance

Introduction to Shamanic Essences:

This class will debut the Shamanic essence line created in collaboration.

Garrett will introduce the essences through the storytelling of their creation and his involvement through ceremony.

The essences include: 

• Chaco Canyon, Land of the Ancients.
• Mt Rainier, Standing upon Fiery creation.
• Shiprock, Rock with Wings.
• Window Rock, Gateway to the Cosmic worlds.
• White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mother to the Native American tribes

Participants will receive a blessing of the essences and will receive instruction on their use. Handouts will be provided on each essence.

For the Love of Dragons

In collaboration, Garrett will introduce the Dragon essence line. In the class, participants will receive annointments of three dragon essences.

They are: Dragonheart, Mystic Dragon, and Master Galactic Dragon. Insight will be provided on each energy.

A Dragon journey will be conducted to meet your personal Dragon guide. You will receive guidance from them in addition to a name. The class will end with reflection and sharing of individual dragon journeys.

Intention and Manifestations

Utilizing the tools of Mother Earth

This class will be conducted in a high energetic ceremonial chamber. There will be heightened vibrational energies in an enclosed space. Participants will be cleared using feathers from the Condor and Eagle prior to entering the sacred space.

There will be anointing of Shamanic and Abundance essences to raise the energies of participants. Drumming will be performed to raise levels even higher.

Prayer will be conducted and calling in of individual power animals, ancestral energies, star elders, Eagle energies, and higher vibrational beings to raise the frequencies.

Feather intention ceremony will be conducted by all participants to ...assist in New Year manifestations. Invocation will be provided and gifted to all to assist in bringing forth intentions.

Navajo Healing Circle

I have been given a directive to utilize ancestor energies and ask ancestor spirits to step forward within a sacred space. The space will be created utilizing Cosmic and Star energies. 

Energy fields will be cleared prior to entering the circle. A guided meditation will introduce the ancestral connections and allow the healing to take place.

A feather intention ceremony will also be conducted. Messages will be brought forward as well to those in attendance. 

Message Circle

Heightened energies will allow messages to come forth. Are you curious about the adventures that await you? You can ask about past lives, planetary or star connections, animal totems, etc. Maybe there are new guides or angels that will assist you this year??

Please join us as Garrett provides insight into questions that you may ask.

Navajo Stories: The Birth of Changing Woman

The Birth of Changing Woman

In honor of Native American heritage month, Navajo ILLuminations will present the first segment of storytelling.

This series is devoted to bringing forth awareness of Navajo cultural teachings through stories. The first story will feature the Earth goddess, Asdzaa Nadleehe otherwise known as Changing Woman.

The story will encompass the importance of women among the Navajo people. It will also share the teachings of her physical development through her adventures and union with the Sun.

Participants will receive a blessing from Changing Woman. Prayer will be conducted in Navajo to infuse participants with her wisdom and introduce them to her energies.

Navajo Stories: The Hero Twins

The Hero Twins

In honor of Native American heritage month, Navajo ILLuminations will present the second segment of storytelling.
The second story will feature The Hero Twins, Monster Slayer and Born for Water. 

The story will encompass the importance of the male energies among the Navajo people. It will also share the teachings of the warrior and ceremony of the Protection Way. It is through their adventures and union with the Sun that brought about the importance of the Warrior energy to defeat and overcome obstacles.

Participants will receive a blessing from the twins. Prayer will be conducted in Navajo to infuse participants with their wisdoms and introduce them to their energies. 

Navajo Stories: Remembering Who I AM

Garrett Duncan, a Navajo Shamanic Healing Facilitator, wishes to share the story of how his gift of healing came to be. Using the traditional Navajo storytelling medium, Garrett presents an uplifting tale containing the elements of synchronicity, inspiration, surprise and insight into the ways of the Navajo shaman. His story centers around events that unfolded during a transition period involving a job layoff and spiritual intervention surrounding the birth of his nephew, Kobe. His story is meant to uplift the hearts and spirits of listeners.

Garrett grew up on the Navajo reservation in northern New Mexico, near the four corners area. As a child he delighted in listening to the tales and legends of the elders in the community, and was inspired to learn everything he could about Navajo spirituality and ceremonial healing, which is based upon the concept of Sá’ah Naagháí Bik’eh Hózhó. “in long life and everlasting beauty.” His interests have expanded to encompass the traditions of other Native American peoples, eastern concepts embodied in Reiki, and more recently, Hoʻoponopono, a native Hawaiian healing tradition.

Garrett uses the energy that radiates from his hands to help those coming to him for healing.

Assistance from the Animal Realms

Garrett will create an altar using the four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. A energetic healing circle will surround the altar with the entrance to the East. Prior to entering the circle, Garrett will clear participant's energies using his sacred Eagle feathers. Garrett will call forward the animal spirits to ask them to share their medicine to help uplift the participants. 

Animal guides of the flyers, swimmers, crawlers, and four legged realms will present their energies. Messages will also be given from them.

In addition, a feather intention ceremony will be utilized to help integrate the energies and healing to those present. The closing of the circle will end with blessings from all four elements.

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