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I knew about them and I guess at one point through my awakening, when I was learning about my medicine and learning about me carrying this medicine lineage they attempted to contact me in the dream state and astral realms and I ran from them.  I did know about them but I didn’t know if they were good guys or bad guys. I didn’t know who they were, I just know they had tried to establish a connection with me but at that time I ran.
On December 20, 2015, I had an opportunity to participate in the Star Knowledge Conference. The Star Knowledge Conference is a conference held by Chief Golden Light Eagle. He is Lakota and he is bringing the Star Knowledge from the Star Brothers and Sister down into earth awareness.  They do these conferences all across the U.S. and it so happened that they had the conference that December near here in Estes Park.
I was invited there to participate as an individual going there to share my teachings and do a workshop but also to share these symbols and essences in which I had. I was also performing readings and healings while I was there.

At the end of the day on the Sunday, before the closure, before this conference ended, Kewaunee, the individual who wrote these books, came to me and I didn’t know who he was. All I knew was that Jenn was helping me at the time and she said "Garrett your 1 o’clock is here" and I said “Ok”. He put the book down and I had to take a breath, I thought Oh my goodness that book (The Sasquatch People) has been on my radar for the last 7 months prior to him putting it down. I had wanted to buy it at one time; it was even at that moment in my wish list on Amazon. When I saw him put it down I said “Yeah I’ll give you a reading I’ve been wanting one of that book”, so he gave this book to me. He started talking about the Sasquatch People, these beings, and how they are out there and I connected with him. He said to me “Oh Yeah they're here, they’re right behind me” and I looked behind him and I could see their outline, the energetic outline. I thought Wow and just as I was looking behind him, one stepped right behind me and I had to take a deep breath (Oh My Goodness Energy Intense, Really Intense Right Now!). I was feeling this intense being right behind me and just when I’m having my moment Jenn is on my right looking at us and she is smelling… then says “What is that smell?”.  The Sasquatch People have a very distinctive smell and she smelled it. They have a musty, swampy, damp odor to them and what Kewaunee was sharing with me is that it is a defense mechanism these being have in defense against negativity. So whenever they are feeling attacked or a dark source or something they amplify the smell and it keeps those things at bay. As the Sasquatch Being was connecting with me Jenn was picking up what they smelt like. I distinctly remember the scent in my dreams when they were trying to connect with me I could smell them. It was a distinctive odor; it was one that I knew whenever I was connecting with Sasquatch residual smell was affiliated with them.

As we are going through the reading, Kewaunee said he had a workshop at 2 o’clock and I told Jenn why don’t we take a break. So I asked “Spirit, is it alright if I take a break?” and they said "Yep go have your fun shut down for an hour or so" I said "Alright". So me and Jenn went down to his workshop and he was speaking on his books and he was also sharing pictures about the Sasquatch. In his books he was sharing about one of my favorite pictures with trees and it really stood out, one that you could see a female in the picture. He said that was a very distinctive marker, and distinctive presence. But also another picture that stood out and caught my attention when a contactee had given Sasquatch spaghetti and pizza because he said those are among the foods they like. In return the Sasquatch People gave them a crystal. That stood out in my mind “I want a crystal, I want them to give me crystal too!”. So I thought I’m gonna test this, I could feel them behind me in the room, and Kewaunee is giving his talk and showing the slides and speaking on this interaction with them. So I used telecommunication with them, I said “You know what guys, I would really love pizza for dinner”. They said “We got it.” Then I said “Jenn, I just asked them for pizza”, she said “Wait ask them for pepperoni and mushroom”. I said “Oops, too late they already took off”. We finished sitting through the presentation, we were both fascinated with the whole thing. He was sharing stories about contactees, those connecting with Sasquatch, and he said apparently the ones in Tennessee really like spaghetti and pizza and said “That’s Cool”. Kewaunee was saying another contactee was asked by Sasquatch to give a block of salt, the contactee said “Oh, I guess you guys like salt?” and Sasquatch said “No silly, it’s for the deer”.

So these beings energetically are very compassionate and are very in tune with there heart. When I felt them that was where I was feeling the most intensity, in my heart space. It was very soft, it was very loving. As I was talking to Kewaunee I said “Jenn, there is a female Sasquatch and she wants to sit with you to talk with you” and Jenn’s like no, no and I said "Just think of Chewbacca, the wookie". Then Jenn was like oh okay and as soon as she did then I look over and the both of them are cuddling up, snuggling on the side over there. That’s when I knew that they have a very strong heart resoninence.

We went back to work then it was about 3 o’clock, after a while we take another break about 5 and went to go eat dinner. We spent about an hour and when we came back, as Jenn walked around the corner to get back in our booth she saw a pizza box sitting in her chair. She gasped for air saying “Oh G G Garrett, come over here” and I said “What” and Jenn said “Oh My God, Oh My God, look”. I said “What did somebody steal our stuff?” and she said “No look” and there was a pizza box sitting in the chair behind in our booth. Jenn gets the pizza box and says “Let’s look and see” and when she opened the box it was a supreme but it had the mushroom and pepperoni right on top. We both went “Aaaahhhh, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God”. We were so excited and the people around us are asking “Are you alright? Is everything ok?” and we said “No we’re cool. We just had a cool, fun visit from The Sasquatch People". That was the highlight of the conference for us, we walked away with that and I have kept the box and use it as part of my alter I have allocated for them.

Since then they have been coming to me more and more. They have been sharing with me that it is time to bring in the awareness to reestablish their energy back with the people. Especially for the one who are ready, for those with a great infinity with earth. In other words they are here to help earth grow and heal. They are coming to those people and saying that we have teachings and knowledge to share with you.


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