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Arialle "Dahilia" C. - 19 Jan 2020

Arialle "Dahilia" C. - 19 Jan 2020

I recently had a session with Garrett. Being in conversation with him brought through so much more than I could have anticipated! He is a clear channel for divine guidance to answer ALL of your "curiosities" as he puts it! He is a rare gift for this world and those who seek what he brings through will not be disappointed. Not only did our session include some of the clearest information that I have ever received in my entire life from another person, but his respect and humble nature made the entire experience beyond pleasant. Garrett's laugh is infectious and heart opening! A session with Garret is a priceless investment in yourself and more than anything you could hope to receive through divine guidance! I have also taken his Light Language course and wowzah! So much freedom given in a small period of time. Garrett always gives you permission to be yourself and that's so beautiful!

Stacy E.  -  2 Dec 2018

Stacy E. - 2 Dec 2018

I met you this past year at the Star Gathering in Mankato, MN. One of the light languages you spoke, Andorian I believe, really spoke to my soul and I couldn't stop crying. Hearing the language felt so familiar and wonderful. Thank you for all you do Garrett. I really appreciate your sense of humor and the deep information you bring through. Amazing! 

Micheal C.  -  20 Oct 2018

Micheal C. - 20 Oct 2018

The reading I had with Garrett was more than I could have hoped for. His connection to spirit is effortless and the messages are crystal clear. I sought Garrett to validate my decision to leave my air traffic control career and move into my mediumship full time. My guides were right there to confirm that I was making the right decision. There was much more to the reading than just the career choice but, i will keep that private. Bottom line, Garrett is very humble, caring and just an all around gentle person with an amazing gift. Do not hesitate to book a reading with him, you will not regret it!! Thank you Garrett!!

Annie T. -  22 Apr 2018

Annie T. - 22 Apr 2018

My anxiety and stress was unmanageable, and I felt if though I was lost in a very dark tunnel. I was scheduled to appear in court to face off against my bitter angry husband who was representing himself, in divorce proceedings heading to TRIAL ! Imagine, the Narcissistic Sociopath your trying to Divorce is going to cross examine you in court, for all to witness. I was about to snap, to literally break in two. I had heard of Garrett from a dear mutual friend, and met him once at her memorial service. As I was perseverating over the upcoming trial, I felt that tug, “ just call him, just do it”.
He was able to see me the very next day, which was perfect, as the court trial was the day AFTER THAT.
Garrett took it all in brilliantly. It seemed we were on the same page at supersonic speed, he understood me. HE UNDERSTOOD ME!
I collapsed in exhaustion emotionally and mentally and just cried, innately knew I would be ok, somehow. He went to task without hesitation. The beautiful sound of his voice reverently requesting all the great forces be present, to heal and clear the deep, deep emotions and traumas. Ultimately he asked for the best resolution for all parties to occur. I felt quite humbled as before I was too busy running away to stop and ask for such a noble thing myself. This is so profound, for not only did I leave in peace, harmony and actual joy, but the resolution of my case I feel had EVERYTHING to do with Garrett! When I arrived in court the next day, my attorney had reached a settlement with my husband. It was ultimately up to me to agree, but it was far more then I had ever hoped for in a settlement. I was driving back home in 1/2 hour instead of 4 hrs later in shock. I think I still am! The trial was obverted and the gavel came down, like a Phil Collins drum solo. It was over in the purest, fasted way imaginable. Indeed it was more than a satisfactory outcome for BOTH parties. I cannot even begin to imagine the scenario if I had not sought out Garrett. I am so very grateful, my dear friend.

Kelly M.  -  27 Sep 2018

Kelly M. - 27 Sep 2018

Garrett was absolutely amazing! He is very knowledgeable and honest! He is spot on with his connection to spirit! I loved hearing about my spirit guides personalities. Garrett's humor and personality is so joyful and kind!

Linda H.  -  5 Sep 2018

Linda H. - 5 Sep 2018

Garrett, you are an amazing soul and have helped me tranform and advance on so many levels.I was at a major crossroad in my journey, and I have now been able to proceed on the chosen path. My session with you at the Psychic Sasquatch was the best! You brought things to the forefront, which confirmed for me the direction I needed to go next, in my journey. You helped me remember my gifts and to find my confidence to pursue what I have always known I am here to do. I will be a Shamanic Healer and teacher, including the ways of Sasquatch, and a Medicine Woman , using the tools and resources available from all Dimensions. I had 3 things on my mind when I approached you, but only chose one, to ask you about. Through your connectedness with my Spirit Guides, and their list (lol), you revealed messages in regards to the other two opportunites I was curious about. Blew me away! You covered them all. I have had many sessions and readings in my past, but YOURS was the best, most accurate and sincerely from the heart. It is obvious that you are truly in-tune with the Ancient Ancestors and Spiritual Beings. My Sasquatch connection afterwards was amazing, thanks to your direction. I am looking forward to taking classes from you and to see you at other events. Thank you dear soul.

Sarah S. -  26 July 2016

Sarah S. - 26 July 2016

Garrett gave me spirit guided suggestions as to why my 3 year old son has always had a tendency toward itchy skin rashes since birth. He also gave me some ways to help my son relax and feel better...namely bringing in water elements from the sea. So right after my session with Garrett, I went out and purchased a CD with whale sounds and relaxing music, a couple seashells and starfish specimens, and a blue stone to keep next to my son's bed at night. I also made a lavender water spray per Garrett's advice and misted the rashes on my son's skin whenever he scratched them. Within 2 days I noticed the rashes getting smaller and my son's temperament was mellowing--he LOVES his meditative whale music and his sea collection. I'm continuing to use the spray instead of medicated cream and it seems to be just as effective, if not better. I'm so glad I found Garrett!

Gail B.  -  1 Jul 2018

Gail B. - 1 Jul 2018

Garrett is so gifted and willing to gracefully share his talents, his peace, his happiness, his love and wisdom with all who ask. I strongly recommend following him and leaning into his teachings and spirit. I am honored to have met him by phone and in person.

Diana  -  29 Nov 2017

Diana - 29 Nov 2017

Garrett's wisdom and skill is beyond explanation. I can't thank him enough for helping me with my transformation to a more spiritual existence! I have so much more understanding about my health and emotional problems thanks to my sessions with him. I feel that for this 1st time in my life, I am truly connected. Thank God for you Garrett!

Shahla - 18 Oct 2017

Shahla - 18 Oct 2017

In the Spring of 2016, I walked into Garrett's office in the midst of a spiritual transformation. Immediately he tapped into things heavy on my mind and heart and proceeded to openly listen to me. His guidance, has been one of the most beautiful gifts. I am ever grateful to the self-growth, deep focus and love he provides. Thank you so much for simply being yourself and sharing it, Garrett!

Gayle  -  27 June 2016

Gayle - 27 June 2016

Garrett is an excellent teacher and mentor. He helped me to gain the confidence in my gifts and to connect with my Inner Native. We are ho'okahi my brother!

Tracy  -  2 June 2016

Tracy - 2 June 2016

Time with Garrett can only be explained as "Life Changing"!! His ability to read & heal is off the charts. I'm transforming & am empowered beyond belief as I study under this unique man with his amazing abilities & insight. Thanks Garrett!!

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